Monday, July 06, 2009

Hand carved vintage homemade surfboard turned into block print

I took this photograph today of this surf board inside Kahala Sportswear store.It's on display to show customers that the shirts in their line are all from an artist's studio.

Kahala products each have a story and this piece literally tells a story:

An abandoned handmade surfboard left on beach for days.

I carried it home after watching for 2 days to see if owner would claim it.

Stripped the duct tape, resin and fiberglass off of it .(Original board shown here)

Took my tracing paper layout and copied the art onto this board using graphite.

Carved images.

Inked board.

Printed image onto paper many, many times (10 + times )to get the perfect one.

Gave art to Dale Hope who sent it to Japan to be printed onto 3000 yards of fabric.

Thank you,



Harmony said...

Love your use of recycled materials. Very cool.

nycrun said...

nice board cool blog

Annie B said...

Awesome carved board!!