Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kahala Sportswear,"Tropical Birds",100% silk Aloha Shirt

"Tropical Birds" was created under the direction of Dale Hope who wanted a floral design with some open space.

This simple design has the leaves and flowers of the Bird of Paradise plant as well as a fern on a cream colored silk background. The fern is olive green with the leaves and part of flowers painted in a blue-green all in gouache paint.This design was printed on a cream ground and a black ground with the cream being the color of the original Master design that I painted.

A simple silk floral design that can be worn with slacks or jeans.I am so pleased with this work!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Patagonia organic cotton print designed in Kailua,Oahu

Two men are paddling an outrigger canoe in the surf with coconut palm trees in the scenes.One of the men is wearing a hat made from the palm fronds/leaves of the coconut tree.

This shirt is shown in Patagonia's summer 2007 catalog with their other organic cotton Pataloha shirts.

It was a fun print to draw and paint!