Friday, September 12, 2008

Hawaii Conservation Alliance aloha shirt

February 2008 I collaborated with the Hawaii Conservation Alliance to create their new aloha shirt using endangered species from the Hawaiian Islands.

Using a small chisel, I hand carved wood to create the tapa designs that were printed onto the paper by hand after he rest of design was hand painted using 2 shades of blue in gouache paint . The tapa background was hand textured behind the land,air and ocean endangered species listed here:

  • Kamehameha Butterfly
  • Yellow Finned Goat Fish
  • Hawaiian Tree Snail
  • Silversword with blossoms
  • Hawaiian Damselfly
  • Nanu, Gardenia Brighamii
  • Lehua Blossom
  • Auku'u,Black-Crowned Night Heron
  • Sea Turtle,Honu
  • Nene,Hawaiian Goose
  • Newell's Shearwater bird
  • Hawaiian Monk Seal
  • Happy Face Spider
"The Hawai‘i Conservation Alliance (HCA) is a cooperative partnership of 16 government, education and non-profit organizations that are strongly committed to environmental conservation in the Hawaiian Islands through land management, scholarly research and financial incentives."

Aloha and good evening from Kailua, Oahu where this Auku'u bird lives,