Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Sweet Ride Shores" Kahala Sportswear men's aloha shirts & women's pants

It was decided that I would design a print with hula girls wearing sombreros.I included cactus flowers,guitars,parrots,coconut palm trees,surf boards with Aztec symbols and serapes that have every color repeated in their stripes.

The color palette: light,medium & dark blues,white,yellow,gold,red,light , medium olive greens,medium and darker warm browns.

The guitars would have to be the element in this print that I enjoyed painting the most. I love guitar music and the curving shapes are relaxing to paint.

The name "Sweet Ride Shores" came from an article in a 1960s National Geographic magazine about a beach in California where surfers caught sweet rides to shore.Since California is so close to Mexico,it seemed to be a likely name for this conversational print.

I hope that the rides are still as sweet for California surfers!


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