Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kahala Sportswear aloha shirt

Chambray blues,warm browns and cream were main colors printed onto smooth rayon for this aloha shirt.Touches of red, yellow and green accented surfers and woody cars throughout design.

Denim jeans and khaki pants were the visual in mind as I designed and hand painted this really fun print.

The Monstera deliciosa leaves ,painted in browns, are a favorite houseplant and tropical yard vine,producing a beautiful cream colored flower and fruit. The fruit's flavor reminds me of bananas and pineapples together. These leaves,actually green, could be growing outside the beach shack that the surfers go to at day's end,maybe giving a cat shelter from the noon day sun .

I wanted the background design to flow into the scenes of each block ; the water that this surfer is on merges into the small tapa/floral print. I loved designing and painting this masculine print that was intended to pay tribute to watermen of Earth's Oceans.

I can hear the waves from Kailua Bay this morning as well as birds singing. The sky is overcast and there is a nice cool breeze moving through this studio where I am painting all day.

Aloha !
Emma Howard

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