Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dry Brush technique for "Silk Pineapples" printed onto linen fabric

For "Silk Pineapples" I used different shades of one color with the Master painting being done in muted blues. with 5-6 shades used in the design.

I painted the entire piece of paper with the lightest shade and then used this same background color as part of the motifs, giving the pineapples and their crown of leaves shape. Using a dry brush going from lightest to darkest is how I created this piece.

This technique is one of my favorites to paint. I am relaxed and lose track of time when wearing my jeweler's visor as I work on a piece like this one. I enjoy fine details,having a "tight painting hand".

Originally the art director asked for a pineapple design for silk fabric and wanted to call it "silk Pineapples" for indentification purposes during our communication throughout the process of designing in pencil and then showing a painted sample: color croque.They ended up using this for linen and kept the name anyway.

I never tire of looking at this print. It will always be one of my favorites.


Emma Howard

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